Our Team Members

IT Support Executive

Basically they are technical geeks. They can do everything from solving password problems to planning and maintaining upgrades & of course responding to the breakdowns. They can take care of your problems with their excellency and problem solving skills.

Visual Developer

Our Visual developer comprises of developers who are passionately as well as innovatively attached with the project with a great deal of enthusiasm. There artistic nature and skill set of using modern graphical designs makes the project alive.

Finance Manager

They are the ones who help in making financial decisions for us. They do a lot of work from collating, preparing and interpreting reports to making budgets, accounts, commentaries and financial statements for the company.

Network Administrator

The team comprises of executive working committee who are highly enriched with knowledge and possess a wide variety of skills for maintaining the company profile. They are active, skilled, dedicated and finite towards their work.

Web Designer

As much as they love to look and feel good about themselves, equally they are dedicated to their work that they design with all their tickling creative ideas as well. They make your portal and your ideas to collide into an interactive webpage.

Web Developer

Our developers stay plugged into emerging technologies trends and apply them into operations and activities 24x7. We not only create here; we research, innovate, ideate, refine, implement and shine in these modern technological era.